Curso de formación «Small Foot»: testimonios

Hemos utilizado varios métodos para evaluar los resultados del curso «Small Foot: How to reduce your ecological fooptrint», y uno de ellos es el grado de cumplimiento de los compromisos que los participantes adquirieron durante el curso. Se trata de compromisos personales de reducción de huella ecológica. Aquí tenemos los testimonios de tres de los participantes:

Polina Petrenko_RussiaPolina Petrenko, Rusia

«After the training, I called and refused to receive all the paper spam that I used to get to my mailbox – they won’t be sending me tons of clothes catalogues any more) we also plan to pass clothes in good condition that we don’t need any more to some hospitals and helping centres.
Not taking ANY plastic bags in the shops (shop with ones I had before) now and trying to avoid excessively packed goods.
That’s all so far.

I’m looking forward for more».

Dorota Sarikova_SlovakiaDorota Sarikova, Eslovaquia

«The “Small Foot” was like the last drop to make things change for me, and I stopped consuming meat after returning back home completely. So I am (just more than month and something) on my veggie way. And I am happy about it. Surely small foot played a role. And I am partly influencing my family eating habits as well.
I committed to go mostly for
seasonal/regional/organic food. This I am changing slowly. When I shop, I mostly choose this.

And I started to make wallets out of almost every tetrapack milk boxes that we have, and my mother is proudly presenting them, and already gave some to her friends,… that´s an achievement or success! :)»

Reham Raafat, Egipto

«My achievements after Small Foot TC:

1. I did increase the vegetables in my food & reduce the amount of meat eaten during the week & I have shared this food system with my parents & my brother.

2. Reducing the toilet paper was perfect till now as I started to use small towel… as we use in Egypt & all the Arab country water in our toilet or a small shower next to the toilet… it’s ecological & more clean.

3. Since I came back & I keep talking to my colleagues & friends about the ecological problems & how we can help to reduce it as much as we can even by small personal actions.

4. Also, when I came back I started to not only to share my car with others as I used to do before  but also to share others car….. It’s not just ecologically but also socially great!

5. I still need to work on walking to the nearest place as I usually use my car!

I’m glad for my achievements & I wish I could be more ecologically & encourage more people to be.

Thanks for changing our life to better ecological life :)».

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