Call for participants: Green Toolbox – in Action


Green Toolbox – in Action”

8-14 April 2013, in Riga, Latvia

Description of the project:

Training course for 23 youth workers and youth leaders from regional and network environmental organisations from the following countries: Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Spain. The training course will last 7 days.

The aim of the project is to increase awareness of the impact on the environment caused by youth projects and to promote sustainability guidelines among Youth in Action beneficiaries. During the training, participants will be trained to use sustainability guidelines in their projects and develop measures to reduce impact on the environment in their organizations or projects.

The result of the project will be an increased awareness of the impact that youth projects have on environment, practical knowledge on how to organize environmentally sustainable Youth in Action projects and a plan to promote sustainability guidelines among Youth in Action beneficiaries in their respective countries. This will result in reduced impact on environment by Youth in Action projects.

Topics and program:

During the training, we will cover such topics as sustainability in general; environmental, social and economical impacts of youth organizations and youth projects; practical sustainability problems and solutions regarding food, accommodation, project management, office, travel, merchandise and other real-life aspects of youth projects; sustainability education.

There will be study visits to several organizations and institutions included, as well as public lecture for local community, community task for participants as well as a lecture from a guest speaker.

 Participant profile:


Biodiversa is looking for people who:

*are Spanish nationals;

*have some experience in project/youth management;

*are working in youth organizations or with youth projects, or are planning to do that;

* have some basic understanding about sustainability and environmental issues;

*are able to communicate in English at least on an intermediate level;

*are able to participate ALL days of the training.

Note: priority will be given to Asturian participants or those coming from nearby places, as we are hoping that you get involved in further activities organized by Biodiversa in Asturias.


Accommodation and food at the training course venue are covered by the organizer during the activity dates.

70% of travel expenses will be reimbursed on presentation of relevant receipts. Participants must choose the cheapest travel option. The organization only reimburses public transport costs (no taxis will be reimbursed). The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer only after receiving the return tickets. According to the rules of our NA, participants can stay no more than two days longer a part of the activities dates (or they can arrive maximum one/two days before starting).

Note: Participants must be members of Biodiversa in order to attend this training course. Membership costs 15 € and gives full membership rights for the whole natural year.

In brief: participants will only have to cover 30% of their travel costs plus Biodiversa membership.

Instructions for applying:

Fill in the online form before 27th February:

Link to application form

This project is organized by the Latvian environmental NGO Homo Ecos, in partnership with Biodiversa, Youth and Environment Europe, International Young Naturefriends, MTÜ Ethical Links, EnviroFuture, o.z. and the Forum of Global Education Multipliers e.V., thanks to the support of the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme.

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