Ruralize Yourself! – call for participants

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Biodiversa is looking for participants from 10 countries for its next training course: “Ruralize Yourself!”, which will take place in the beautiful valley of Valdediós (“valley of God”), in the region of Asturias, north Cantabric coast of Spain, from 5th to 11th May 2014.

If you are from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Romania or Spain, it’s your lucky day! If not, pass this call on to some friends and keep an eye on Biodiversa’s blog and Facebook, there might soon be an opportunity for you.

This training course will bring together youngsters who are currently living in a rural area with those who are willing to move to the countryside but are lacking the knowledge, motivation or drive. It aims at inspiring young people to become leaders in self-management and rural sustainability. We want to help you unveil your potential to achieve a better quality of life if you choose to establish yourself in a rural area. The benefits are countless!

The objectives of this training course are:

– To connect people who have developed a sustainable livelihood in a rural area with people who are trying to develop a similar way of life;

– To create a data base of experiences and knowledge on sustainable livelihoods and a guide for young entrepreneurs wishing to stablish themselves in a rural area;

– To share tools, theoretical and practical skills for sustainability, nurturing innovation;

– To enlarge the existing network of alternative self-managed projects of rural development.

Theme: Moving to the countryside.

Aim: To bring youngsters who are sucessfully established in a rural area together with those who want to move to the countryside but don’t know how and facilitate the coaching process between them.

Conditions: Participants will be anyone over 18, travelling from any of the 10 partner countries (see top paragraph), able to work in English and fitting in the topic. Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa and the other partner organisations (Tangra association, Khazer, CREED, Petrklic Help, NERONT, MMS, EPER center, Homo Ecos, Georgia Youth Eco Movement SAEM).


Comfortable accommodation and delicious organic meals will be provided during the training course by the organizers at no cost for you;

70% of your travel costs will be refunded after your participation in the training course (up to the maximum per country established in our contract with the Youth Council);

– Given the high level of quality of accomodation, food and training, we kindly request from you a contribution of 25 EUR towards the project costs (exceptions to this cost are possible after evaluation from the organisers in a case by case basis);

– Please note that you will be required to offset half of the CO2 emissions produced by your air travel (you can check the cost of this in the following link:

Click here to have a look at the preliminary programme of the course: Preliminary programme Ruralize Yourself

Click here to download the participants Infopack: Infopack Ruralise Yourself.

Click here to apply. Deadline 16th February 2014.

This project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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21 Respuestas a “Ruralize Yourself! – call for participants

  1. Hi, I’m Manik Azatyan from Armenia. I’m interested in the project “Ruralize yourself”. And I would like to know how many participants can apply from Armenia? Thank you very much beforehand.

  2. Reblogueó esto en regional_leben.weiter_denkeny comentado:
    auch interessant!

  3. Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m intrested about the results. When we will recive the positive/negative answer ??

  4. 3333

    Hello, I am Suzie. I also want to know something about the results. When we will receive them? Cannot wait :))))

    • biodiversa

      Hello, Suzie, The list of participants is still being completed. We are waiting for confirmations from selected participants. If you still haven’t been contacted it means that you are on the waiting list. We might still contact you if a place from your country becomes free.

  5. 3333

    Ok. It means that I still have a chance. Thank you for your quick answer. I will wait.

  6. John

    Hi. I want to know if Bradea Alexandru from Romania was selected or not ?! He erased all mails my mistake, and he don’t want to lose the oportunity ..

  7. Suzie

    I am sorry for writing the second time, but can you please make claer how many participants from Armenia are in the waiting list besides me?

  8. Buenos días. Soy de Georgia, y yo soy representante del Centro de Georgia de la Juventud. El centro organiza unos proyectos en las regiones de nuestro país sobre la ecología, el desarrollo rural, la educación no-formal, el voluntariado, etc.
    ¿Necesita participantes de Georgia? estaremos encantados de participar en su proyecto.

    • biodiversa

      Gracias por tu mensaje. Sí, como decimos en nuestra entrada necesitamos participantes de Georgia. Diles que rellenen la solicitud cuanto antes, por favor. Gracias.

    • Hello Tamta. I am also a participant of this project from Georgia. Maybe we can have the same flight, it will be more fun. I wonder who else is coming from Georgia.
      Greetings from Nino 🙂

      • Tamta

        With great pleasure Nina, but I haven’t got any answer from biodiversa till now. Maybe it means that selection process finished. so have a nice project and good luck.

  9. Rabiana Beqo

    I would like to be part of this training because i think it will help me in my near future for me career.i hope to be accepted 🙂


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