Practical Ecology II, Bédeille, France

(This post has been written by Bea, Noa and Javier, participants from Biodiversa in the training course Practical Ecology II, which took place in Bédeille, France, from 22nd July to 1st August 2014.)

From left to right: Bea, Javier and Noa

From left to right: Bea, Javier and Noa

We have to admit that this training course has changed the way we see the life.

We spent ten great days in a small village in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from the rest of the world. No wi-fi, no many neighbours… we only had ourselves and a little farm which would become our own paradise.

984189_777654295619460_1355863326663674620_nFrom the beginning of our experience we adapted well to the life there, even the dry toilets weren’t a problem for us! We fell in love quickly with the place, surrounded by green mountains and with a really clear sky to see the stars at night.

10376741_777857155599174_7683789790479834355_nBut the best was our partners: 20 guys from Lithuania, France, Italy, Slovenia, Poland and Czech Republic. We really enjoyed the time together and made a great team of friends; the cultural differences weren’t a wall between us but a way to enrich and learn from each other. We miss them a lot…

20140730_085221Our daily routine in the farm was very nice: in the morning and in the afternoon we spent our time in interesting workshops and before lunch we split up in work teams for the everyday life tasks (cleaning, preparing lunch…). Furthermore, each evening we had an intercultural dinner in which one country team prepared typical dishes and told us some curiosities and traditions about their nation.

10368263_777649472286609_839460147074609043_n 10590674_777649368953286_786479587310285941_nThe workshops were amazing, we learned to do a lot of things, from ecological cleaning products and earrings with second hand objects to solar cookers, clay ovens or wood water heaters. Moreover, we visited an insect clearing in which we could see many different insects and touch them, and also we had the opportunity to go for a walk in the village to discover wild plants and pick them up to cook especial dishes; the nettle omelette was great!

10430413_777654615619428_5855207297885851128_n 10530678_777652015619688_9050314814754847037_n 10568858_777658408952382_9216895243009207352_n 10570563_777658758952347_3325039155625070909_n 10579969_777658555619034_450017098968773682_nIn addition, we could enjoy a free day in Saint Girons and another one in Toulouse. There, we visited some organizations related to ecology and in the evening we had dinner in an especial restaurant which works with bio products; it was really tasty!

10329050_777653972286159_4251128050010862606_nIn short, this training course taught us a lot of things about ecology and how to develop a more ecofriendly lifestyle easily. Moreover, thanks to this project we also know ourselves a bit more than before, it changed our way to see the life.

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  1. Raminta

    very lovable people. Very very much love you all.

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