Call for group leader for the youth exchange «Art for the Environment»

street-art-nature-girl-ivy-hairYouth Exchange  ‘Art for the Environment’
When: 9-15 November 2015
Where: Kapraluv Mlyn, Ochoz u Brna, Czech Republic

Biodiversa is selecting a group leader for the forthcoming youth exchange «Art for the Environment».

Role of the group leader:
– Involved in all stages of the project – active member of the project team;
– Taking part in online preparatory meetings with other group leaders – the meetings will be organised every two weeks;
– Developing the call for participants with other group leaders and promoting the call within members of their organisation;
– Developing the preparatory tasks for all participants and sending it to their national group;
– Working with their participants on the preparation of art workshops for other national groups;
– Working on preparation and implementation of the programme of the youth exchange (with other group leaders);
– Working on the follow-up publication;
– Working on evaluation and follow-up stages of the project.

Characteristics of the group leader:
– No age limit;
– living in Spain;
– fluent in English;
– ideally active in Biodiversa;
– have previous experience in taking part in an international project;
– have creative skills to share;
– interested in art and the environment;
– responsible and ready to commit to the project.

Description of the project:
The youth exchange ‘Art for the Environment’ will take place on 9-15 November in Kapraluv Mlyn, Ochoz u Brna, the Czech Republic. It will gather 25 participants from 5 countries: the Czech Republic, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Albania. It will be organised by Youth and Environment Europe.

This project will bring young people together to learn from each other by exchanging skills, knowledge and experiences in a non-formal setting. During the youth exchange the participants will be responsible for facilitating workshops and supporting each other.

The aim of the youth exchange is to provide a space for participants to share and develop their creative skills in order to create environmental projects to support their organisations and communities.

Objectives of the project:
– Develop participants’ creative and communication skills to support their personal and professional development.
– Provide a space for intercultural exchange by sharing arts and music from different cultures.
– Explore creative ways to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues in local communities around Europe.
– Connect participants to their local communities and to each other.

The youth exchange will include a variety of activities. The first days will be dedicated to the introduction of the project and discussing the topics included in the youth exchange (environmental projects, art, working with local communities). The majority of days will be focused on practical exercises and workshops organised by the participants. On the last day of the youth exchange we will organise an exhibition in Brno.

The planned results of the project are the exhibition of art projects created by the participants during the youth exchange, as well as workshops which they will develop during the project and organise with their local communities. We are planning to create a blog which will include news and ideas from the project as well as the publication with the description of methods and overview of using art projects for environmental purposes.

As a long-term impact we see environmental organisations in Europe getting inspired by the project to organise their own art workshops or projects with the aim to raise awareness about the environment.

Travel reimbursement:
100% up to a maximum of 170 EUR.
The travel reimbursement will be done after the youth exchange.

How to apply as a group leader*:

Send an email to asociacionbiodiversa(at) before 21st August stating «Name Surname – Group leader Art for the Environment» in the subject line and answering these questions briefly:

– Why would you like to be a group leader in this project?

– Have you already been a group leader or taken part in a youth exchange? Please, describe your experience shortly and what was the best part of it for you

– Which skills and knowledge can you bring to the project team?

– What would you like to learn or practise during this youth exchange?

You must be ready to commit to the project, be actively involved in the project preparations, take part in project meetings by skype every 2 weeks, work actively with the participants and prepare them for the project.

* The call for participants will come out at a later stage, please keep an eye on Biodiversa’s website for that.

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