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Ruralise Yourself: results (II)

This is the second part of the results and outcomes of our “Ruralise Yourself!” international training course, which took place in Valeri, Asturias, from 5th to 11th May 2014. Enjoy!

Skills sharing

We made marigold handcream during the training course.

Calendula handcream making (Medium)

Here you have the recipe. Do it yourself!

“Dry the petals. Then, infuse them in oil in a water bath for 45 min. Melt wax and strain it, if necessary (the wax must be clean of impurities). Mix 5 tbsp of oil, 2 of wax and 1 of lavender or any other powerful flower’s extract, and mix it very well, in order to create a uniform cream. Then leave it to rest in a recipient.

Recipe to do the lavander extract:
– Pour 2 cups of 100 proof vodka into the jar of flowers.
– Cut 100 flower heads and put into a sterile jar.
– Twist the lid on, shake, and place out of direct sunlight.
Shake once a day during 8 days.

As you can see, I recomend to increment the proportion of oil, because the other day the cream was a bit hard, but it depends how you like it. While mixing it, you can see the consistence and correct the proportion as you like. But I think with 5 tbsp of oil instead of 4, might work!” Lidia Fanjul, from Gaiaysofia

We also made toothpaste:

And learned how to make soap:


Here’s a list of interesting books that we recommend (special thanks to Lidia and Seb, from Gaiaysofia for this!):

1. The Art of Fermentation
2. La Casa de mi Padre
3. Asturias, Región Agropolitana
4. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle
5. Sociología Rural – Agroecología
6. Nature’s Due
7. Thinking like a Mountain
8. Good Food for Everyone Forever
9. Towards a Transpersonal Ecology
10. Animate Earth
11. Space and Place
12. Widening Circles
14. Mycelium Running
15. Steps to an Ecology of Mind
16. Signs of Life
17. Small is Beautiful
18. Growing Gourmet Mushrooms
19. The Dream of the Earth
20. Active Hope
21. Creating a Forest Garden
22. Selfsufficiency
23. The Holistic Orchard
24. Hearing our Calling

And so much more!

And when we thought that we had shared all we had to share, we realised that we were soooo wrong. It had only just started! All this (and much more) has already been shared in our Facebook group way after we all got back home!:

fb ru

Post on a participant’s blog about the training course: Thank you, Chris!

Website from the neighbours who invited us for cider on the last day:

Website of our cook:

Hand made jewlery by one of the participants:

The project from the partner of a participant: sustainable handmade knotware:

To watch:

75 documentaries that will change how you see the world:
Russell Brand – Awakened Man:
Jane Goodall visits the University of Iowa:
The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz: (and the book in English – You can try download it from e.g.
The Overview Effect:
How we can eat our landscapes:
Winter nomads – hiver nomade (trailer):
The take (documentary), a new economy is emerging in Argentina…:
The Venus Project – Future By Design – Full documentary:
Alan Watts – Co jste to zapomněli:
The Power of Community. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (sub español)

About gardening, food, ecology, eco-agriculture and “green intelligence”…:

I Thought She Was Just Gardening… Then I Looked Closer. WOW!!SPl6t
Vertical gardens:
7 Awesome DIY Hacks to Get You Gardening:
The Future of Food (EUropean Learning Partnership):
Open Source Ecology:

One last DIY! How to make non-toxic body wash:

And some life-changing stuff, ha! ;)… 12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life):

And last but not least, one of the most enjoyable results of our project: the invitation to home-made cider that we got from the fantastic neighbours!! Thank you so much!


Please leave us a comment to let us know whether you found this compilation of results useful or not! Thanks in advance!

This project has been possible thanks to the financial support of the  Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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Ruralise Yourself!: results (I)

Many of you who couldn’t come to our “famous” “Ruralise Yourself!” training course, which took place in Valeri, Asturias, 5th to 11th May 2014,  have been asking for some information about the results and conclussions of the training course. It is hard to convey everything that happened during those wonder days, but we will do our best to at least share some of it with you readers.

This time we won’t bore you with tons of graphs like we did other times, but we will post only one, maybe the most compelling and representative one:

Evaluation Ruralise Yourself
As you can see, 100% of participants were happy with the general organisation of the course, with 66% being totally happy, 32% being very happy and 2% just happy.

Also, 98% of participants said that their expectations were met!… which we think is totally amazing, because expectations are usually high and it’s so difficult to meet everyones’. We are flattered! 58% of participants said their expectations have been totally met, 30% said very much met and 12% said they were met.

But what we probably care about the most is the answers to the next question, which reflect that the main aim of our training course was achieved!: “Are you more prepared and motivated  to live in a rural area?”, with an stunning 100% of positive answers!!! 59% feel totally prepared, 25% very prepared and 14% just prepared. We are very excited and proud of this!!

All participants were also willing to make their personal compromises (the ones that they made during the last day of the training course) a reality, and we will see in the following lines that they actually did it, and 98% of them established strong bonds with other participants, which fullfills another one of our aims, which was to expand the network of “ruralisation”.

Personal compromises

As we just said, all participants were willing to make their personal compromises a reality, and here are some testimonies which proove that they’ve managed, at least partially!

“Until now, I didn’t go to live in the countryside, but I increased my awareness about living in a more sustainable way. I use more bicycle instead of other means of transport, I buy fruit and vegetables not from big chains but from a small shop with local products, I try to save more electricity, water and to use less plastic bags, utensils, etc.
But the most important thing is that at “Ruralize Yourself” training I saw life from a different perspective. I met people with a very different world view from myself, which opened my eyes to see social and environmental problems from a different angle. More or less I am infiltrated with a consumer mindset, but in Valeri I met people who are just the opposite. We discussed many social, economic and environmental issues and I learned a lot of facts and information I would never know otherwise.” Ignat Stoychev, Bulgaria.

“I just changed the way I was thinking about life, dreams, goals and what I really want to do and to be as a person. I can`t say I made my compromise a reality, cause there is still a long way to pass, but for sure I am working on it all the time. Thank you for everything :)” Lyubomir Kovachev, Bulgaria.

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I did it. I am involved in two projects this summer and I am more active and motivated than before the project. I want to buy a piece of land and so far this hasn’t become a reality but I am sure in time it will”. Roxana Vacareanu, Romania (living in Valencia, Spain).

You can read more juicy testimonies from participants in this other post:


Together, participants extracted and selected tips and advices, resources, warnings, inspirational questions and drawings from the training course aiming to serve those of you who couldn’t be there with us. This is the result:

Tips and advices

Tips and advices





Inspirational questions

Inspirational questions

Visual messaging

Visual messaging

And they then created a giant triptych compiling the best of the best. This (below) is the artistic result. We upload these pictures in full quality so that you can zoom in and read every detail. Enjoy!… and feel free to leave us a comment telling us if you found this useful or not.



What and how

What and how



Click here for the second part of the results section:

This project has been possible thanks to the financial support of the  Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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Ruralise Yourself: testimonies




Nika's transformation

Thank you all for your feedback and cooperation! And remember: be hippy and “Ruralise Yourself!”.

This project has been possible thanks to the financial support of the  Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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¡El curso de formación “Ruralízate” nos hace famosos!


Acabamos de decir adiós a los más de 30 participantes en el curso internacional de formación “Ruralízate” que tuvo lugar durante esta semana en Valeri, Asturias, y todavía no nos podemos creer lo fantástico que ha sido el curso y la atención mediática que despertamos durante estos 7 días:

– El informativo de la TPA el Miércoles día 7 de Mayo de 2014:

– El programa Conexión Asturias de la TPA, con tres conexiones en directo el Viernes día 9 de Mayo.

La Nueva España Gijón, el Miércoles día 7 de Mayo:

La Nueva España, Comarca de la Sidra, el Jueves día 8 de Mayo:

Onda Cero Gijón, el Miércoles día 7 de Mayo:

Radio Nacional de España, el Viernes día 9 de Mayo:

Cadena Ser, el Domingo día 11 de Mayo:

RTPA, programa La Buena Tarde: en directo desde el estudio el Martes 13 de Mayo a las 16:20:

Asturias Verde:

La evaluación final que los participantes han hecho del curso ha sido excelente, ¡así que estamos encantados!

Agradecemos al programa Juventud en Acción de la Comisión Europea el haber hecho posible este encuentro, a la OIJ de Gijón por los materiales prestados, a los vecinos de Valeri y Puelles por la fantástica acogida y a todas las personas que contribuyeron al éxito de este curso, que han sido muchas. ¡Muchas gracias a todos!

Ahora nos tomaremos un merecido descanso hasta Junio. A la vuelta os contaremos más cosas sobre este curso y os enseñaremos más fotos. ¡Hasta entonces!

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Ruralize Yourself! – call for participants

all logos

Biodiversa is looking for participants from 10 countries for its next training course: “Ruralize Yourself!”, which will take place in the beautiful valley of Valdediós (“valley of God”), in the region of Asturias, north Cantabric coast of Spain, from 5th to 11th May 2014.

If you are from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Romania or Spain, it’s your lucky day! If not, pass this call on to some friends and keep an eye on Biodiversa’s blog and Facebook, there might soon be an opportunity for you.

This training course will bring together youngsters who are currently living in a rural area with those who are willing to move to the countryside but are lacking the knowledge, motivation or drive. It aims at inspiring young people to become leaders in self-management and rural sustainability. We want to help you unveil your potential to achieve a better quality of life if you choose to establish yourself in a rural area. The benefits are countless!

The objectives of this training course are:

– To connect people who have developed a sustainable livelihood in a rural area with people who are trying to develop a similar way of life;

– To create a data base of experiences and knowledge on sustainable livelihoods and a guide for young entrepreneurs wishing to stablish themselves in a rural area;

– To share tools, theoretical and practical skills for sustainability, nurturing innovation;

– To enlarge the existing network of alternative self-managed projects of rural development.

Theme: Moving to the countryside.

Aim: To bring youngsters who are sucessfully established in a rural area together with those who want to move to the countryside but don’t know how and facilitate the coaching process between them.

Conditions: Participants will be anyone over 18, travelling from any of the 10 partner countries (see top paragraph), able to work in English and fitting in the topic. Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa and the other partner organisations (Tangra association, Khazer, CREED, Petrklic Help, NERONT, MMS, EPER center, Homo Ecos, Georgia Youth Eco Movement SAEM).


Comfortable accommodation and delicious organic meals will be provided during the training course by the organizers at no cost for you;

70% of your travel costs will be refunded after your participation in the training course (up to the maximum per country established in our contract with the Youth Council);

– Given the high level of quality of accomodation, food and training, we kindly request from you a contribution of 25 EUR towards the project costs (exceptions to this cost are possible after evaluation from the organisers in a case by case basis);

– Please note that you will be required to offset half of the CO2 emissions produced by your air travel (you can check the cost of this in the following link:

Click here to have a look at the preliminary programme of the course: Preliminary programme Ruralize Yourself

Click here to download the participants Infopack: Infopack Ruralise Yourself.

Click here to apply. Deadline 16th February 2014.

This project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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Training course on Backpack Journalism

BPJBiodiversa offers 4 places for Spanish people to participate in the training course: JOURN@LISM 2DAY, which will take place in a cosy hotel in the Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic, from 12th to 18th January 2014 .

Backpack Journalism ( as a tool for activating young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities (e.g. unemployed).

To explore how Backpack Journalism (BPJ) can be used as a tool for social change and to inspire and motivate youth workers to use BPJ in their local youth work, as well as to equip them with knowledge and practical skills for BPJ.

Participants will be youth workers or youth leaders of age
18+, able to work in English, motivated and interested in the topic. Spanish nationality and current residence in Spain are essential. Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa.

Comfortable accommodation and tasty meals during the training course will be provided by the organizers.
70% of the travel costs of the participants will be refunded after the training course.
There is a
participation fee of 50 EUR charged by the host organization in Czech Republic.

Click here for more information.

Click here to apply. Deadline 20th December.

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Aprende a restaurar ríos con Biodiversa

Latest news: All places for all nationalities complete. Thank you for your interest!!

Join Biodiversa in the training course “Youth for Rivers”, which will take place in Aghveran, Armenia, from 6th to 12th October 2013. Almost all expenses are covered by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission, you can’t miss this opportunity! Apply now!

River CasañoProject description: Europe has been facing problems with rivers in all its member countries. The consequences of human impact are of a large-scale and affect not only particular ecosystems of each river, but also our health since water is essential for life. Improvement of all water bodies is necessary. Some of the leading examples of the poor state of rivers can be found in Armenia. Being aware of the situation, 13 youth environmental organizations decided to join forces, meet for one week to learn about how to help improve river ecosystems, how to take the lead in environmental citizenship and finally, how to organize volunteers for the purpose of increasing sustainability.

The training course ‘YOUTH FOR RIVERS’ will gather 26 young Europeans from 11 countries (Czech Rep., Portugal, UK, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine) with the aim of equipping the participants with practical tools and knowledge to be able to contribute to the development and improvement of the state of European river systems.

The young leaders will learn through non-formal education; field visits, common actions, sharing of knowledge and  experience to become multipliers in their own organizations.  The project shall take place from 6th to 12th of October 2013 in Aghveran, Armenia and aims to empower European youth to take an active role in the conservation of water resources. Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic) is the applying organisation, Khazer(Armenia) is the hosting organisation and Biodiversa is one of the sending organisations. Biodiversa will be in charge of a big part of the training and facilitation for this course.

The participants will be accommodated in a rest house in Aghveran recreation area (50 km to North from Yerevan), which is situated close to the Arzakan town in Kotayq Marz of Armenia. Aghveran is famous for its mountains covered with virgin woods, streams rolling down the hills, crystal clear mountain air full of oxygen and far from the hustle of the big cities. As well Aghveran is near by Arzakan-Meghradzor State Sanctuary, one of the most famous forests of Armenia.  It’s right in the center of Armenia which will allow the participants  “Youth for Rivers” to easily travel to Akhuryan river and Lake Sevan.

Participants will be youth workers or youth leaders of age 18+, able to work in English, motivated and interested in the topic. Spanish nationality and current residence in Spain are essential. Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa and to people from Asturias or other areas in the north atlantic coast of Spain.

Accommodation and food
at the training course venue are fully covered by the organizer during the activity dates. 70% of travel expenses will be reimbursed on presentation of relevant receipts. Participants must choose the cheapest travel option. The organization only reimburses public transport costs (no taxis will be reimbursed). The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer only after receiving the return tickets. According to the rules of the Youth in Action Programme, participants can arrive no more than two days before the start of the activity and can leave no more than two days after the end date of the activity.

Note: Participants must be members of Biodiversa in order to attend this training course. Membership costs 15 € and gives full membership rights for the whole natural year.

In brief: participants will only have to cover 30% of their travel costs plus Biodiversa membership.

Instructions for applying:
Send an e-mail with your expression of interest to telling us:
1. Name and Surname
2. Full residential address
3. Telephone number
4. Age
5. Tell us about yourself, what do you do and why?
6. Motivation for participating in this training course
7. What do you expect to learn?
8. How do you plan to apply what you learn?

The subject of the email should be: “Youth for Rivers application, YOUR FULL NAME”

Deadline for applications: Open until we cover the last available place.

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Curso de formación “Comunidades en Transición: alternativas para una vida urbana sostenible”

logos DG-TCTC-JeA7 días para modelar el paradigma de la sostenibilidad.

Ciudades verdes, carrot mobs, jardinería de guerrilla, pico del petróleo, decrecimiento, fracking, pechakucha, green drinks, dragon dreaming… son sólo algunos de los temas que trataron 34 líderes juveniles procedentes de países tan dispares como Armenia, Azerbayán, Chipre, Georgia, Moldova, Polonia, República Checa, Ucrania y España, a lo largo de una intensa semana en una casa rural del idílico entorno de Valdediós, en Asturias.

Group pic TCTCTEl encuentro tuvo lugar del 27 de Mayo al 2 de Junio de 2013. 

Basándonos en métodos propios de la educación no formal, y apoyados en la inteligencia colectiva, compartimos, descubrimos y creamos iniciativas ciudadanas y proyectos colectivos que nos permitirán hacer nuestras ciudades más habitables, convertirlas en espacios de encuentro y solidaridad, y disminuir sus efectos sobre el cambio climático.

Circle around the heart of socksEl curso incluyó una visita de estudio a una pequeña “comunidad” en transición en Bimenes, donde los amables Ramón y Yosune imbuyeron a los participantes con su sabiduría y entusiasmo por los principios de la permacultura y la sostenibilidad, mostrándonos y explicándonos el porqué de cada uno de los elementos que componen cuidadosamente su pequeño imperio en La Buruyosa. ¡Muchas gracias, Ramón y Yosune por abrirnos la puerta de vuestra casa y de vuestros corazones!

En La BuruyosaFlorent Marcellesi lideró una de las sesiones más valoradas por los participantes: el taller sobre decrecimiento, que comenzó con 6 personas teniendo que repartirse 24 lápices equitativamente y 24 personas teniendo que repartirse 6 lápices equitativamente: el 20% de la población gasta el 80% de los recursos disponibles… Flo despertó conciencias y nos hizo ver que no hay otra alternativa posible que el decrecimiento.

sharing pencilsTambién hubo tiempo para la cultura y la fiesta, con una noche intercultural en la que los participantes compartieron comidas, bebidas y bailes tradicionales de sus respectivos países, y una noche asturiana en la que disfrutamos de una auténtica eco-espicha asturiana con gaitero, bailarines y hasta pandereteras ataviadas con el traje típico asturiano y una gran sonrisa.  ¡Muchas gracias a Pindy el gaitero, Iñigo el cocinero, Nacho el bailarín y a las pandereteras de Serendén!

Serenden en biodiversa Valeri
Durante el último día los participantes trabajaron en sus propios proyectos:

Group workFood
Y por la tarde los presentaron ante todos:

Give, get createGreen walls in TbilisiTrashy wedding

Urban oasis

Transforming Pardubice city centreLet's grow together

¡El proyecto ganador recibió un premio en nombre de la mismísima Angela Merkel! Y sus creadores decidieron compartir el premio con todos los demás proyectos. 🙂

premioDurante la última velada, los participantes recibieron su “Youthpass”, certificado oficial de aprovechamiento de los cursos financiados por el  programa Juventud en Acción de la Comisión Europea. 

Youthpass ceremony
Agradecemos el apoyo del programa Juventud en Acción, sin el cual este proyecto no hubiera podido desarrollarse, y la colaboración de Sidra el Gaitero y de decenas de personas que colaboraron con nosotros y nos mostraron su simpatía. ¡Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo!


Las formadoras, de izquierda a derecha: Isa, Esther y Ternura, orgullosas del éxito del curso y agradecidas por el gran apoyo recibido

Y para el que se quede con ganas de más, aquí está el video oficial del curso:

¡Hasta el próximo!

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Curso de formación “Transition Communities”

logos DG-TCTC-JeADespués del éxito de nuestro curso de formación “Small Foot: How to reduce your ecological footprint”, Biodiversa organiza, en la misma casa rural del valle de Valdediós que nos acogió en Octubre del año pasado, el curso de formación “Transition Communities: Alternatives for a sustainable city life” (“Comunidades en transición: alternativas para una vida sostenible en la ciudad”), del 27 de Mayo al 2 de Junio de 2013.

34 jóvenes líderes de 9 países (Armenia, Azerbaiján, Chipre, República Checa, Georgia, Moldavia, Polonia, Ucrania y España) compartirán experiencias,  intercambiarán ideas y buscarán soluciones para adaptar sus comunidades a los actuales retos medioambientales que representan el pico del petróleo, el cambio climático y, en definitiva, la crisis ecológica actual. Tratarán de interiorizar el concepto de resiliencia y preparse tanto individual como colectivamente para afrontar la transición hacia la sostenibilidad.

El curso tendrá lugar en Valeri, Asturias, y contará, entre otras cosas, con talleres de construcción de comunidades, dinámicas de empoderamiento, noche intercultural, debates y ponencias de expertos en decrecimiento y transición.  Durante el curso, los participantes elaborarán varios proyectos que podrán implementar de regreso a sus países. Recibirán a su término un certificado Youthpass.

Esta experiencia de aprendizaje se desarrolla a través de métodos de educación no formal, combinando educación entre iguales con formación y orientación por parte de formadores y facilitadores experimentados.

Las formadoras serán Ternura Rojas, Isabel Menéndez y  Esther Vallado.

Podeis consultar el programa aquí: Final Programme Transition Communities.

Más información: INFOPACK TC TC

Para  solicitar plaza rellena este formulario:

La realización de este curso de formación es posible gracias al apoyo económico del programa Juventud en Acción de la Comisión Europea.

ÚLTIMA HORA: durante la eco-espicha del Jueves contaremos con la amable colaboración de las chicas pandereteras de Serenden y los bailarines de la Asociación Folklórica de Avilés Xareu d’Ochobre. ¡¡Muchas gracias, chicos!!

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Llamada para mujeres emprendedoras de Asturias y alrededores

Women entrepreneurship

Biodiversa te invita a participar en un encuentro de mujeres emprendedoras en el medio rural que tendrá lugar en Loughborough, Reino Unido del 1 al 8 de Agosto, con casi todos los gastos pagados. Se requiere que tengas un Inglés bastante fluído. Más abajo tienes la información detallada del contenido y condiciones.

Si estás interesada en participar escríbenos cuanto antes (límite Domingo 19 de Mayo) un email en Inglés a diciéndonos tu nombre, apellidos, edad, dirección y teléfono de contacto, contándonos brevemente quien eres y por qué te interesa participar en este curso, poniendo “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship PBA – (Nombre, Comunidad Autónoma)” en el asunto.

 Seleccionaremos a 3 personas.


Partnership Building Activity – “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship”

The PBA “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship” aims to empower rural and women entrepreneurship by offering a space for skills development in the domain, share of good experiences and set up pilot projects and partnerships among different organizations coming from rural area. Participants will get familiar with European rural reality and will explore the similarities and differences of participating countryside and deprived areas. They will share the social problems of their community, and will find out how other countries are dealing with them in particular using the concept of social entrepreneurship.

The project is coming together to mobilize the potential productivity of rural people, especially of women, who can contribute to economic growth and globalization. Women’s role, productivity and equality will be explored in the context of entrepreneurship and employment.

The PBA will inform participants about the possibilities offered by Youth in Action programme and other European institutions supporting youth initiatives, involvement and development of rural youngsters.

The project will run between 1st and 8th August 2013 in Loughborough, UK as a result of co-operation among Biodiversa and 9 other organizations from Programme Countries (the UK, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Norway, Hungary and Poland).

Dates: 1-8 August 2013

Venue: Loughborough, UK

Conditions: participants will be youth workers or youth leaders of age 18+, able to work in English, motivated and interested in the topic. Preference will be given to rural women entrepreneurs from Asturias or other areas in the north atlantic coast of Spain.

Costs: You will have to cover 30% of your travel costs (you will have to purchase tickets yourself and will be reimbursed in cash on the project) plus 50 EURO Participation FEE which will be deducted from the reimbursement. We normally ask for participants to become members of Biodiversa (15 EUR), to cover our administration costs; in this case it will not be obligatory but optional, as we think that the participation fee imposed by the host it’s already quite high and we want to make this course accesible to as many people as possible.

The other 70% of your travel costs will be covered by the organizers. The organizers will also provide and cover costs of the accommodation, three meals a day and coffee breaks during the training. This is possible thanks to the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

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