Mascota de Biodiversa_Flor de Ophrys apiferaBiodiversa is a non-profit and non-governmental grassroots environmental organisation, focused on providing meaningful learning experiences in nature for young people and adults.

In our trainings we utilise mainly methodologies based in non-formal, transformative and experiential learning, centred in promoting sustainability, raising environmental awareness, and in recovering the connection with ourselves, each other and nature.

Our mission: To promote care for  nature and the environment through education and awareness raising.

Our vision: A planet in which humans live in harmony with themselves, each other and their environment.

We are based in Asturias (Spain) and our scope of work is mainly international, frequently working with European funds on international projects, but also at local or national level on demand.

Our range of activities includes:

  • Organising environmental education projects and campaigns of local, autonomic, national and international scope;

  • Fostering and promoting the rational use of natural resources, to guarantee the planet’s health and the needs of future generations;

  • Education for sustainable consumption;

  • Promoting solidarity, tolerance and a multi-ethnic society, fostering cooperation with international organisations of similar aims;

  • Developing projects aimed at fixing population in rural areas, and promotion and support of sustainable lifestyles;

  • Involving local communities in the planning and implementation of our programmes, respecting their cultural and economical necessities;

  • Building partnerships with other organisations, companies, governments and local population to enhance our effectiveness…

Our contact details:

E-mail: asociacionbiodiversa@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Biodiversa
Telephone number: +34 636 204 237
Working hours: Mon-Friday 10 AM – 1 PM and 3 PM – 8 PM

You can become a member of Biodiversa for just 25€ per calendar year. This gives you priority for being selected as fully-funded participant on our trainings, in Asturias as well as abroad. Your contribution makes our activities possible.

In order to become a member you should fill in the membership form below:

Membership form

… and wait for an email with our approval, and only then make the 25€ transfer to Biodiversa’s bank account:

Name of account holder: Asociación Biodiversa
Name of bank: Caja Rural
IBAN: ES 59 3007 0006 3520 8379 7213

Concept: «Membership fee (Name, Surname), year (YYYY)»

We also accept donations of any amount. Thanks for your support!

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