Greening International Youth Work

With this long-term project, Biodiversa and its partner organisations want to contribute to international youth work being more respectful of the limits of our planet.

The project’s main activities are:

The outcomes of the project will be:

  • Handbook on Greening International Youthwork;
  • Training for trainers curriculum in greening youth mobilities;
  • Mobile app for calculation and guidance on how to reduce the CO2 emissions originated by international youth mobilities;
  • Media products to encourage CO2 reduction of international mobilities;
  • Guidelines for forest regeneration in international mobilities.

Our project partners are:

Association Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature

International Young Naturefriends

Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura (G.I.A.N.)

Naturfreunde Jugend

The project was kicked off in June 2022 in Berlin and will go on until the end of 2023.

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