This is a compilation of resources, produced by us or by others, that we think you will find useful:

  • Green Up your projects – a presentation prepared by us for the Sustainability ToolFair in Marseille (Nov 2022) on how to make any project, big or small, more environmentally friendly. Full of useful tips, ideas, tools, recommendations… It’s organized around 8 blocks: Transportation, Food and drinks, Venue, Materials/merchandising, Trainers, Participants, Content and Methodology, and Finances;
  • How to make your projects more sustainable – an article that we wrote for SALTO Participation and Information with recommendations on how to make a project more environmentally friendly;
  • 11 tips to make your projects more sustainable – the infographic we created to go with the article mentioned above;
  • Sustainability Checklist – a publication developed recently (end of 2021) by the Council of Europe – European Commission. Available in English and French;
  • Eco-trainer guide – a booklet that can be useful if you intend to become an eco-trainer;
  • Greenr – a pool of eco-trainers;
  • Greening youth information services – a publication developed by Eurodesk and ERYICA. It provides concrete tips and examples of good practices for designing and providing greener youth information services. Available in English, Spanish, Greek, Slovak. Posters also available for download.
  • Green Toolbox – a publication developed by International Young Naturefriends in 2012 to provide NGOs with the tools, information, and inspiration needed to introduce a wide variety of sustainable practices in their daily operations;
  • Ecological Footprint Calculator – A tool to calculate the impact of your lifestyle on the health of the planet;
  • Sustainability and learning in youth work – article
  • Story of an environmental awakening – an article we wrote for SALTO Participation and Information on the recent history of the development of environmental awareness;
  • Atmosfair – a tool for offsetting the CO2 emissions associated with your air travel;
  • Printfriendly – a tool that optimizes any webpage for printing with minimal ink use;
  • Mobile app for calculating CO2 emissions of international mobility projects – Coming up as a result of our «Greening International Youthwork» project. Watch this space.
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