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My experience at the Youth Environmental Education Congress

By Carmelo Zamora.

«From the 13th to 17th March 2022 I was delighted and honoured to take part in the Youth Environmental Education Congress (YEEC) in Prague as a youth delegate from Spain.

YEEC is a side event from the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC). Biodiversa supported us all the way and sent me and Nahia as Spanish participants at the congress. 

Carmelo and other participants in the congress during one of the outdoor activities.
Carmelo and other participants in the congress during one of the outdoor activities.

During the congress, we delivered a message on the role of Youth in environmental sustainability education. The message was presented in the WEEC in the form of speeches, theatre, recycled poems, visual arts, comics and open space.

«Leading world educators and key actors in environmental education heard our message and now we will work on how to integrate it into their work.»

We also had the pleasure to discuss our message face to face with members of the European Commission, UNEP and the Ministry of Education and the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Throughout the week, we could also attend different workshops and interesting activities. There was a wide range of options, but I went to an activity organised by Hnutí Brontosaurus where we hung about 10 birdhouses around a local park.

Carmelo places a birdhouse in a local park during one of the congress activities.
Carmelo places a birdhouse in a local park during one of the activities included in the congress.

Another workshop I enjoyed a lot was an excursion to the Montessori school Na Beránku, there, the different teachers of the school showed us what they are doing about environmental education.

Another of the activities we enjoyed was a fair in which different organisations, projects and educators shared their work. Personally, I was proud to be representing and sharing how the University where I study (Linköpings Universitet) contributes to the field with the master’s programme I’m currently enrolled in (master’s programme of Outdoor and Sustainability Education).»

[This event was co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union].

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Experience: training course «Embodied Leadership», in Latvia

«I am Noa Philippon, one of the participants from Biodiversa in the training course Embodied Leadership, that was held in Bernati, Latvia, from 28th June till 7th July 2015.

This training started with the craziest travel adventure ever 😛 Sigue leyendo

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Training course «Follow-up and Impact of International Projects»

(This post has been written by Noa Philippon, youth spokesperson of Biodiversa and one of the participants in the above-mentioned training course).

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

In August (from 8th to 15th) I had the chance to participate in the Training course «Follow-up and impact in international projects» that took place in Valmiera, Latvia. It was organised by YEE (Youth and Environment Europe), and hosted by a partner association from Latvia, Balta Daba. Participants were young people coming from 15 different youth environmental organisations, all of them partners of YEE. Biodiversa was one of the partner organisations and contributed to the training course by sending a trainer and me as a participant.

We had a lot of interesting workshops and activities about how to assess the needs of a community to make a project according to them, tools for the evaluation of projects and especially of the follow-up. We shared examples of successful and failed follow-ups and also about what mistakes were made during the process and how to improve them. I realized how important is the follow-up, and how we have to think about it already in the planning phase of the project.

After some workshops, we had to put in practice what we learned and we had to come up with ideas to make the training course more visible. We created some visibility tools as a video of the performance of the «Follow up» song (that we invented) in town, some creative and funny internet memes about the event to share on social networks (see picture below), a video with interviews to participants, trainers and organizers and an interactive video message online. We talked as well about the importance of the partners’ selection and also the profile of the participants.

Giant YEE logo created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

Giant YEE art-work created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

One of the "memes" created by participants during the training course.

One of the «memes» created by participants during the training course.

I think all of us learned on how to make a positive and bigger impact after the project, both at a local and international level.

There was an NGO market where we all presented our organizations and talked about common ideas for projects. Last days of the TC we had time as well to prepare and write new projects, some of which have already been submitted for funding.

We also learned about funding opportunities for all kind of projects and initiatives related to the fields of action of our organisations.

In general, it was a very productive and useful project, where we ate vegetarian and local and tried to be as eco-friendly as possible (for example using cups with our names all the time, recycling or drinking tap water to avoid plastic bottles).

After the TC, from 15th to 17th August, the Annual Meeting of YEE was held. Short term strategies and quite some future projects were approved and the elections for the new YEE Board took place. 2015 Draft budget and Working plan were approved as well. It was a fruitful meeting and a lot of new international partnerships, collaborations and friendships were born.

In the new Board of YEE we have Anja Wilken as Chairperson, Zaruhi Stepanyan as External Relations Officer and Vice-Chairperson, Vasily Bashutkin as Treasurer, Ana Bianca Badea as Project Officer, Christiane Klemm as Publications and Promotions Officer and Lira Hakani as Member Organisation Officer.

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Roadtrip to your dream

roadtrip to your dreamA training course to find out about your visions and which guides you to the way to follow them.

Organized by NERONT, in cooperation with Biodiversa.

Dates: 22 – 30 August 2014 (including travel days) in Andorf, Austria

Aim: The aim of this TC is to gain an understanding and clarity of individual visions, dreams and passions and to learn about tools to realize them.

This course is for you:

• if you want to find out about your vision, passion and dream and you would like to spend some time to discover it;
• if you have a dream and you would like to know more about how to realise it;
• if you have experience with realising your dreams and you are willing to hold a session about it;
• if you have no time to do what you really want to do! 😉

The course is co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme. Expenses that are covered include:
• accommodation
• food
• transport during the TC
• 70% of the travel costs

You can apply if you are over 18 and you currently live in: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Latvia or Spain.

More information here:

Apply now by filling out this form:

Deadline for applications: 16th July 2014.

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