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Call for participants: «Act now», Senegal

[Deadline to apply: Monday 4th July at midday]

Biodiversa is offering 2 places in a EU-funded youth exchange that will take place in Senegal, Africa, from 3rd to 17th September 2022. This is the first activity of many within the long-term project «Greening International Youth Work».


3rd and 17th are travel days. We will first spend a few days in Dakar, receiving information about the project and the reality in Senegal. We will then travel together to St.Louis, 280 km north of Dakar, where we will be conducting the mangrove regeneration project.

There will be 2 online meetings with the selected participants well prior departure, to clarify all the information regarding conditions at the destination, vaccinations needed, etc, and solve all possible doubts.


You are:

  • Spanish resident or Spanish national;
  • Between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of travel (you can be 30, but not 31);
  • Have good command of either English or French language;
  • Motivated to spend 12 days in Senegal helping regenerate mangrove forests;
  • Physically fit to accomplish the project’s tasks (collect tree saplings, plant trees in muddy waters…).

Preference will be given to Biodiversa members and former course participants, as well as to those of you living in or close to Asturias.


You will be provided with basic but comfortable accommodation in Senegal during the project dates, as well as food and local transportation, at no cost for you. The local activities will also be organised at no cost for you.

Travel insurance will also be covered fully with the project grant, so at no cost for you.

In adition, 100% of your international travel costs will be refunded, up to 530 EUR. For this you will have to keep all your travel documents and boarding passes and send them to us after your return. For coherence with the project topic, only one return flight is allowed (there are direct flights from Madrid to Dakar).

The only cost for you will be a participation fee of between 50 and 120€, depending on what you can afford and what you consider that this experience is worth. We will use part of this fee to compensate your flight’s carbon emissions (1.154 kg CO2) through the Naturefriends Climate Fund, and the rest to contribute to the project administration costs. If this fee is an obstacle to your participation, please let us know.


Write an email in English to explaining how you meet all the selection criteria and why you want to participate in this project. Please include your mobile phone number and prefered times/dates for us to contact you. We will be calling the pre-selected participants during the first week of July.

Deadline to apply: Monday 4th July at midday.

Read you soon!

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Live Sustainably TC – results and impact

Judging for the incredible number and quality of results and impact that our latest training course «Live Sustainably: How to live the present without compromising the future» had and is still having, I think we can safely say that it was our most sucessful training to date.

This was largely due to the work and commitment of us involved in the design and preparation of the experience, and in the skillfull conceptualisation and delivery of the educational programme, but also largely due to the fantastic participants that we had, which took the «Live Sustainably» experience to the next level, both professionally and personally.

Here’s a quick review of what happened after the training:

– Lovro, from Croatia, submitted his first Erasmus + project, which was approved in the 3rd round of this year: a youth exchange on plastic awareness for 36 young people, called «Say No to plastic». 3 of the partners on this project were also our partners in «Live Sustainably».

– Lilla, from Hungary organised and lead one educational hike per month since the end of the training (September, October, November). Where: in Budapest and surroundings. Target group: Erasmus students. During the walks they collected rubbish and Lilla conducted several activities that she learned during our training.

– Rocío, from Spain, made this cool video of the training:

– 4 participants published posts on their blogs with very positive reviews of the training: 

Filipa, from Portugal:

Lovro, from Croatia:

Yolanta, from Poland/Spain:

Holly, from the UK:

– We created the Youthworkers for Sustainability Network and, within it, to keep learning from each other, a series of webinars that everyone is contributing to and Filipa is managing:

– Filipa, from Portugal, became a Circular Economy Club Organiser and, in this framework, organised 1 workshop and 3 lectures on sustainability:

She also organised and run the project «Eco School». It happened on 20th November in a school in the city of Peso da régua, Portugal, for students from 14 to 16 years old. It comprised several activities: a bulk store owner shared an «eco talk» debate with the students. They discussed some documentaries (Earth, Baraka, Roten, Cowspiracy, Minimalism, The true cost) and then they (Filipa and the store owner) gave a workshop, to teach students and teachers to make their own natural cleaning products. Some teacher also run some activities.

Filipa running the workshop

Public attending the workshop


And on 2nd December she organised an “eco-talk” with Esther Vallado, the educational programme designer and lead trainer of «Live Sustainably»:, where they re-visit one of the most valued inputs during the training: the systems thinking iceberg.

– Jolanta, from Poland/Spain organised a weekend training for environmental mediators, from 30th November till 1st December, for participants between 16 and 24 years old.


– Estelle, from France, proposed to the cultural centre of the town where she lives the screening of one of the documentaries that we watched during the training.

– And the portuguese team is organising the 1st Gathering for Sustainability (1º Encontro pela Sustentabilidade). It will be an open space technology event (methodology that they learnt during the training) with the main objective of creating a Portuguese network of people and groups linked to sustainability through sharing and debate, creating collective intelligence, which will also include cleaning a forest plot and planting trees in an area devastated by Hurricane Leslie. The project has received the support of the city council of the city where Bruno, one of the participants, lives.

Very proud of our participants and of the success of this course!!

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Do you believe in your dreams?

Do you want to know the secrets behind successful and sustainable projects?

Biodiversa will be sending 3 lucky participants to Slovakia to take part in this life-changing experience with John Croft himself, the founder of the Dragon Dreaming project management methodology.

This methodology comes from the aboriginals in Australia and is currently used by Airbus and other leading international companies as the most effective project management methodology known to date.


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Call for participants for «Save Our Seas» training course in Croatia

Biodiversa is selecting 4 spanish participants for this fantastic international training course in Murter, Croatia, from 1st to 9th September 2017.

The aim of the training course is to connect marine topics with non-formal methods and develop new workshops. The specific objectives of this training are for participants to:

  • Understand the relationships between pressures from human activities and climate influences and their effects on marine ecosystems worldwide;

  • Be encouraged to use the latest scientific facts in developing new non-formal environmental education methods and tools;

  • Develop 8 new educational workshops, which will be disseminated worldwide in an e-booklet. 


You are welcome to apply if:

  • You are Spanish or currently having official residence in Spain,

  • You are a youth trainer with a passion for environment, aiming to build your competencies in marine environmental education and usage of non-formal learning methods; or you have the potential and need to develop training competencies and act after the course as a trainer for Erasmus+ projects;

  • You show initiative and willingness to self-direct your own learning process;

  • You are prepared to reflect on and question your own beliefs and approaches;

  • As a youth trainer you are motivated to learn about and make use of the Erasmus+ Programme for creating or strengthening international partnerships.

Fill in the application form before Wednesday May 24th. DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 7th JUNE.

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Youth Exchange «Art for the Environment» – Call for participants

street-art-nature-girl-ivy-hairYouth Exchange «Art for the Environment»
When: 9-15 November 2015
Where: Kapraluv Mlyn, Ochoz u Brna, Czech Republic

The Youth Exchange:

This Youth Exchange is about using art and creative ideas for environmental projects. It will bring young people together to learn from each other by exchanging skills, knowledge and experiences in a non-formal setting. During the youth exchange the participants will be responsible for facilitating workshops and supporting each other. Although they will share enthusiasm for sustainable lifestyles and protecting the planet, their views may be challenged in an intercultural setting where they learn new things.

Aims and objectives:

The aim of the youth exchange is to provide a space for participants to share and develop their creative skills in order to create environmental projects to support their organisations and communities.


– Develop participants’ creative and communication skills to support their personal and professional development;
– Provide a space for intercultural exchange by sharing arts and music from different cultures;
– Explore creative ways to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues in local communities around Europe;
Connect participants to their local communities and to each other.

Financial conditions and travel costs:

The Youth Exchange will be implemented in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The accommodation, food, visa fees and materials will be covered fully by the grant. Insurance is obligatory and should be arranged and covered by each participant (the European Heatlh Insurance Card from the Spanish Social Security is sufficient to this effect).

According to rules of the Erasmus+ Programme, the travel expenses will be covered up to 170 EUR per person. Travel costs will be reimbursed to all participants after submitting necessary travel documents (original tickets/invoices + boarding passes) and after filling in the form in the Mobility tool.

You will be required to contribute to Biodiversa with 20 EUR towards the participant’s management costs.

How to apply:

Biodiversa is selecting 4 participants from Spain, who are expected to:

Live in Spain,
– Be between 18 and 30 years old,
– Be active in environmental protection (as volunteers or professionals),
– Have creative skills to share (as artists or amateurs),
– Be interested in intercultural exchanges,
– Would like to organise an activity connected with art and the environment.
– As the common language in the youth exchange will be English, participants should be able to communicate fluently in this language.

To apply for participation complete this form and send it by email to Teresa Llopis, the group leader (, putting Biodiversa in copy ( before 1st October stating “(Your name and surname) – Application for Art for the Environment” in the subject line.

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How to be a green entrepreneur – second chance to join this great project!


Our colleagues from Youth and Environment Europe are extending the deadline to apply for the training course «How to be a green entrepreneur», which will take place in Prague from 12th to 20th October this year. So if you haven’t sent your application yet, you are still on time to join this fantastic project! The new deadline is 6th September 2015.

Sigue leyendo

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Embodied Leadership training course – call for participants

embodied leadership header

Dates and place: 28th May – 7th June 2015, in Liepaja, Latvia

Embodied leadership is an intensive training course aiming to increase competences for responsible, empathic an effective leadership. During 9 days, participants from 10 countries will gain more self-awareness, develop their capacity to communicate in compassionate and non-violent manner, and learn to bring out the best in themselves and people they are working with. Through physical, mental and spiritual exercises and group practices, participants will experience the concept of leadership that connects body, mind and spirit.

Costs: Accomodation, food and training costs are covered by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360 EUR. Membership with Biodiversa (15 EUR).

Conditions for applying:

– Be a Spanish resident;

– Preferably youth workers, facilitators and/or educators, as well as people working in non-governmental, non-profit organisations and social entreprises who wish to increase cooperation and dialogue, engage and mobilise institutions and individuals for solving various challenges in their communities;

– Be 22 years old or older;

– Be fluent in English;

– Be a member of Biodiversa (if you already are a member, you will have more chances to be selected. If you are not a member and you still get selected, you will be requested to become a member before attending the training course). Membership costs 15 EUR per natural year.

More information and activity programme:

How to apply:

Write an email to with the subject line “NAME SURNAME Application for Embodied leadership TC” and stating, in less than 100 words per question:

– What is your experience with taking the leadership position in life and work?

– What are your motivations and reasons for applying for this course?

– What are your expectations towards the content and methodology of the course? You’re welcome to include here also suggestions for improving the proposed program.

– What is your experience in embodied learning, somatics and bodywork?

– How do you envision sharing your experience after this course with your community back home?

– What would you like to share (in terms or your talents, skills and knowledge) with the group during the course?

– What is your own definition of leadership?

DEADLINE: 31st March at 12AM CET (Spanish time).

cofunded by E+

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Connecting with Nature – call for participants

banner c2n

Update: application period closed. Applicants will be informed on the selecion process results by 27th February.

Biodiversa is offering 26 places for people coming from 10 different countries to participate in our next training course: “Connecting with Nature”, in the beautiful valley of Valdediós (“valley of Gods”), in the region of Asturias, north Cantabric coast of Spain, from 18th to 24th May 2015.

If you can travel to the training course from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Serbia or Spain, it’s your lucky day! If not, pass this call on to some friends and keep an eye on Biodiversa’s blog and Facebook: there might soon be an opportunity for you.

This training course will be aimed at helping young people living in urban areas to re-connect with their natural environment. We believe that if young people learn to appreciate nature, they will live happier and become more responsible citizens. This has been verified by a recent study by the RSPB: “when young people are connected to nature, it has positive impacts on their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and personal and social skills, and helps them to become responsible citizens”.

The objectives of this training course are:

  • For participants to experience activities which develop connection with nature;
  • For participants to share activities which develop connection with nature;
  • To help young people connect with the nature around them,
  • To practice and encourage enjoyment of nature,
  • To develop empathy for creatures,
  • To develop a sense of oneness with nature,
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Conditions for participation:

  • Over 18 years old at the time of the training course,
  • Travelling from any of the 10 partner countries (see top paragraph),
  • Speak English fluently,
  • Ideally come from an urban area,
  • Willing to spend a week inmersed in nature.

Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa and the other partner organisations: Föj-Aktiv, Gaia y Sofia, Media Education Centre, Spin Association, Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking, Balta Daba, Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, Asociatia Ecouri Verzi, CRCT Gutta-Club, Neront, Khazer and Homo Ecos.


  • Comfortable accommodation in a big traditional rural house and delicious organic meals will be provided during the training course by the organizers at no cost for you;
  • Your travel costs will be refunded after your participation in the training course (provided all the original tickets and receipts are presented) up to a maximum of 820 EUR for Armenia, 360 EUR for Albania, Latvia, Moldova, Romania and Serbia, 275 EUR for Austria, Germany and Portugal and 180 EUR for Spain (only if you travel from more than 100 km away);
  • Participation fee: Money shouldn’t be an obstacle against your participation – therefore we suggest a sliding scale from 25 to 100€. We want to give you the possibility to self-evaluate how much you can contribute financially, and how much you consider a fair fee for a 7 days training programme. Exceptions to this fee are also possible after evaluation from the organisers in a case by case basis;
  • CO2 offset fee: Please note that you will be required to offset the CO2 emissions produced by your air travel through the following site: This amounts to 15 EUR per person for the round trip (we have calculated the total emissions of your flights in 22 tons of CO2 and shared the compensation costs amongst everyone).

More information:

How to apply:

Fill in the application formDeadline: 16th February at 10AM CET.

This project is funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.

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Training course «Follow-up and Impact of International Projects»

(This post has been written by Noa Philippon, youth spokesperson of Biodiversa and one of the participants in the above-mentioned training course).

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

In August (from 8th to 15th) I had the chance to participate in the Training course «Follow-up and impact in international projects» that took place in Valmiera, Latvia. It was organised by YEE (Youth and Environment Europe), and hosted by a partner association from Latvia, Balta Daba. Participants were young people coming from 15 different youth environmental organisations, all of them partners of YEE. Biodiversa was one of the partner organisations and contributed to the training course by sending a trainer and me as a participant.

We had a lot of interesting workshops and activities about how to assess the needs of a community to make a project according to them, tools for the evaluation of projects and especially of the follow-up. We shared examples of successful and failed follow-ups and also about what mistakes were made during the process and how to improve them. I realized how important is the follow-up, and how we have to think about it already in the planning phase of the project.

After some workshops, we had to put in practice what we learned and we had to come up with ideas to make the training course more visible. We created some visibility tools as a video of the performance of the «Follow up» song (that we invented) in town, some creative and funny internet memes about the event to share on social networks (see picture below), a video with interviews to participants, trainers and organizers and an interactive video message online. We talked as well about the importance of the partners’ selection and also the profile of the participants.

Giant YEE logo created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

Giant YEE art-work created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

One of the "memes" created by participants during the training course.

One of the «memes» created by participants during the training course.

I think all of us learned on how to make a positive and bigger impact after the project, both at a local and international level.

There was an NGO market where we all presented our organizations and talked about common ideas for projects. Last days of the TC we had time as well to prepare and write new projects, some of which have already been submitted for funding.

We also learned about funding opportunities for all kind of projects and initiatives related to the fields of action of our organisations.

In general, it was a very productive and useful project, where we ate vegetarian and local and tried to be as eco-friendly as possible (for example using cups with our names all the time, recycling or drinking tap water to avoid plastic bottles).

After the TC, from 15th to 17th August, the Annual Meeting of YEE was held. Short term strategies and quite some future projects were approved and the elections for the new YEE Board took place. 2015 Draft budget and Working plan were approved as well. It was a fruitful meeting and a lot of new international partnerships, collaborations and friendships were born.

In the new Board of YEE we have Anja Wilken as Chairperson, Zaruhi Stepanyan as External Relations Officer and Vice-Chairperson, Vasily Bashutkin as Treasurer, Ana Bianca Badea as Project Officer, Christiane Klemm as Publications and Promotions Officer and Lira Hakani as Member Organisation Officer.

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Practical Ecology II, Bédeille, France

(This post has been written by Bea, Noa and Javier, participants from Biodiversa in the training course Practical Ecology II, which took place in Bédeille, France, from 22nd July to 1st August 2014.)

From left to right: Bea, Javier and Noa

From left to right: Bea, Javier and Noa

We have to admit that this training course has changed the way we see the life.

We spent ten great days in a small village in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from the rest of the world. No wi-fi, no many neighbours… we only had ourselves and a little farm which would become our own paradise.

984189_777654295619460_1355863326663674620_nFrom the beginning of our experience we adapted well to the life there, even the dry toilets weren’t a problem for us! We fell in love quickly with the place, surrounded by green mountains and with a really clear sky to see the stars at night.

10376741_777857155599174_7683789790479834355_nBut the best was our partners: 20 guys from Lithuania, France, Italy, Slovenia, Poland and Czech Republic. We really enjoyed the time together and made a great team of friends; the cultural differences weren’t a wall between us but a way to enrich and learn from each other. We miss them a lot…

20140730_085221Our daily routine in the farm was very nice: in the morning and in the afternoon we spent our time in interesting workshops and before lunch we split up in work teams for the everyday life tasks (cleaning, preparing lunch…). Furthermore, each evening we had an intercultural dinner in which one country team prepared typical dishes and told us some curiosities and traditions about their nation.

10368263_777649472286609_839460147074609043_n 10590674_777649368953286_786479587310285941_nThe workshops were amazing, we learned to do a lot of things, from ecological cleaning products and earrings with second hand objects to solar cookers, clay ovens or wood water heaters. Moreover, we visited an insect clearing in which we could see many different insects and touch them, and also we had the opportunity to go for a walk in the village to discover wild plants and pick them up to cook especial dishes; the nettle omelette was great!

10430413_777654615619428_5855207297885851128_n 10530678_777652015619688_9050314814754847037_n 10568858_777658408952382_9216895243009207352_n 10570563_777658758952347_3325039155625070909_n 10579969_777658555619034_450017098968773682_nIn addition, we could enjoy a free day in Saint Girons and another one in Toulouse. There, we visited some organizations related to ecology and in the evening we had dinner in an especial restaurant which works with bio products; it was really tasty!

10329050_777653972286159_4251128050010862606_nIn short, this training course taught us a lot of things about ecology and how to develop a more ecofriendly lifestyle easily. Moreover, thanks to this project we also know ourselves a bit more than before, it changed our way to see the life.

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