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Llamada para mujeres emprendedoras de Asturias y alrededores

Women entrepreneurship

Biodiversa te invita a participar en un encuentro de mujeres emprendedoras en el medio rural que tendrá lugar en Loughborough, Reino Unido del 1 al 8 de Agosto, con casi todos los gastos pagados. Se requiere que tengas un Inglés bastante fluído. Más abajo tienes la información detallada del contenido y condiciones.

Si estás interesada en participar escríbenos cuanto antes (límite Domingo 19 de Mayo) un email en Inglés a diciéndonos tu nombre, apellidos, edad, dirección y teléfono de contacto, contándonos brevemente quien eres y por qué te interesa participar en este curso, poniendo “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship PBA – (Nombre, Comunidad Autónoma)” en el asunto.

 Seleccionaremos a 3 personas.


Partnership Building Activity – “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship»

The PBA “Rural and Women Entrepreneurship” aims to empower rural and women entrepreneurship by offering a space for skills development in the domain, share of good experiences and set up pilot projects and partnerships among different organizations coming from rural area. Participants will get familiar with European rural reality and will explore the similarities and differences of participating countryside and deprived areas. They will share the social problems of their community, and will find out how other countries are dealing with them in particular using the concept of social entrepreneurship.

The project is coming together to mobilize the potential productivity of rural people, especially of women, who can contribute to economic growth and globalization. Women’s role, productivity and equality will be explored in the context of entrepreneurship and employment.

The PBA will inform participants about the possibilities offered by Youth in Action programme and other European institutions supporting youth initiatives, involvement and development of rural youngsters.

The project will run between 1st and 8th August 2013 in Loughborough, UK as a result of co-operation among Biodiversa and 9 other organizations from Programme Countries (the UK, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Norway, Hungary and Poland).

Dates: 1-8 August 2013

Venue: Loughborough, UK

Conditions: participants will be youth workers or youth leaders of age 18+, able to work in English, motivated and interested in the topic. Preference will be given to rural women entrepreneurs from Asturias or other areas in the north atlantic coast of Spain.

Costs: You will have to cover 30% of your travel costs (you will have to purchase tickets yourself and will be reimbursed in cash on the project) plus 50 EURO Participation FEE which will be deducted from the reimbursement. We normally ask for participants to become members of Biodiversa (15 EUR), to cover our administration costs; in this case it will not be obligatory but optional, as we think that the participation fee imposed by the host it’s already quite high and we want to make this course accesible to as many people as possible.

The other 70% of your travel costs will be covered by the organizers. The organizers will also provide and cover costs of the accommodation, three meals a day and coffee breaks during the training. This is possible thanks to the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

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