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NatureFriends planning weekend

Last weekend we had the NatureFriends Secretaries meeting, in the welcoming and cozy NatureFreundeJugend Haus in Hannover.

It was a fantastic experience, where we re-connected with like-minded individuals and changemakers, worked together to find solutions to our common challenges, and discussed future exciting project ideas and partnerships.

From left to right: Esther, from Biodiversa (Spain); Pece, from SPPMD (Macedonia); Sarka, from IYNF (Czech Republic); Judith, from NaturFreunde Lower Saxony (Germany); Juul, from Nivon Jong (The Netherlands); Sara, ESC volunteer for NaturFreundeJugend Berlin (Germany) and Sina, IYNF and NaturFreundeJugend Berlin (Germany). Clara, also from NaturFreundeJugend is missing from the picture as she joined us later.
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Call for participants: «Connecting Roots» partnership building seminar

Biodiversa is offering 1 place for a Spanish resident to participate in the fully funded partnership building seminar «Connecting Roots», organised by our partners Art Kruh. The event is taking place from 19th to 26th of September in the charming village of Prenčov, in the Slovak countryside.

The aim of this seminar is to deepen existing partnerships or to develop new ones, with the aim to create future projects and cooperation (youth exchanges, training courses or other educational projects) somehow connected to youth and rural areas.

If you are looking for people to develop an international educational project with,
under the topics of youth and rural areas,
this is your chance! 

Objectives of the seminar:

 to share ideas, tips and good practices concerning youth work in rural areas;
 supporting entrepreneurship and creative industry among young people, specifically focused on the connection between urban and rural areas;
 to develop future projects and cooperation (youth exchanges, trainings, KA2 or other projects);
 to strengthen the network of organizations.

Working method:

Dragon Dreaming: a specific participatory project development methodology, which is non-hierarchical and non-centred. We do our best to create an inspirational, trustworthy and productive social environment.

Participants requirements:

– Spanish resident;
– Over 18 years of age by 19th September 2018;
– Able to communicate fluently in the English language (the whole seminar will be in English);
– Available to participate in the whole duration of the seminar;
– Belonging to an organisation which organises projects within the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission (ask your organisation to find out);
– Willing to co-organize an educational project.

There will be 3 Spanish participants, and a total of 32 participants coming from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Slovenia.

Financial conditions and travel costs:

This seminar will be implemented in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The accommodation, food, tuition and materials will be covered fully by the grant, so they will be free for you. Insurance is mandatory and should be arranged and covered by each participant (just make sure you have a valid European Health Insurance card: Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea).

Your travel expenses will be covered up to 360€. Travel costs will be reimbursed to all participants after submitting necessary travel documents (original tickets/invoices + boarding passes) and after filling in the form in the Mobility tool (you will receive precise instructions about this after your return).

If you are selected, you will be required to contribute to Biodiversa with 20 EUR towards the management costs of your participation. This will be your only real cost.

How to apply:

Send a short (no more than 300 words) motivation email to with the subject line “NAME SURNAME Application to Connecting Roots”, introducing yourself (who you are, what you do…), explaining why you are interested in participating in this seminar, what you expect to gain from taking part in it, if you have any vision of a project you would like to develop (please give some details) and why you should be selected. Include also your personal data: name, age, city or village of residence, Autonomous Community and contact telephone number.

Deadline to apply: Open until we find a suitable candidate. Hurry up!

We look forward to receiving your expressions of interest.

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Training course «Follow-up and Impact of International Projects»

(This post has been written by Noa Philippon, youth spokesperson of Biodiversa and one of the participants in the above-mentioned training course).

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

Noa Philippon, author of this post.

In August (from 8th to 15th) I had the chance to participate in the Training course «Follow-up and impact in international projects» that took place in Valmiera, Latvia. It was organised by YEE (Youth and Environment Europe), and hosted by a partner association from Latvia, Balta Daba. Participants were young people coming from 15 different youth environmental organisations, all of them partners of YEE. Biodiversa was one of the partner organisations and contributed to the training course by sending a trainer and me as a participant.

We had a lot of interesting workshops and activities about how to assess the needs of a community to make a project according to them, tools for the evaluation of projects and especially of the follow-up. We shared examples of successful and failed follow-ups and also about what mistakes were made during the process and how to improve them. I realized how important is the follow-up, and how we have to think about it already in the planning phase of the project.

After some workshops, we had to put in practice what we learned and we had to come up with ideas to make the training course more visible. We created some visibility tools as a video of the performance of the «Follow up» song (that we invented) in town, some creative and funny internet memes about the event to share on social networks (see picture below), a video with interviews to participants, trainers and organizers and an interactive video message online. We talked as well about the importance of the partners’ selection and also the profile of the participants.

Giant YEE logo created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

Giant YEE art-work created with natural materials by participants during the visibility workshop.

One of the "memes" created by participants during the training course.

One of the «memes» created by participants during the training course.

I think all of us learned on how to make a positive and bigger impact after the project, both at a local and international level.

There was an NGO market where we all presented our organizations and talked about common ideas for projects. Last days of the TC we had time as well to prepare and write new projects, some of which have already been submitted for funding.

We also learned about funding opportunities for all kind of projects and initiatives related to the fields of action of our organisations.

In general, it was a very productive and useful project, where we ate vegetarian and local and tried to be as eco-friendly as possible (for example using cups with our names all the time, recycling or drinking tap water to avoid plastic bottles).

After the TC, from 15th to 17th August, the Annual Meeting of YEE was held. Short term strategies and quite some future projects were approved and the elections for the new YEE Board took place. 2015 Draft budget and Working plan were approved as well. It was a fruitful meeting and a lot of new international partnerships, collaborations and friendships were born.

In the new Board of YEE we have Anja Wilken as Chairperson, Zaruhi Stepanyan as External Relations Officer and Vice-Chairperson, Vasily Bashutkin as Treasurer, Ana Bianca Badea as Project Officer, Christiane Klemm as Publications and Promotions Officer and Lira Hakani as Member Organisation Officer.

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