Connecting with Nature: results

C2N Group picture cropped

Participants of Connecting with Nature. From left to right, standing: Iñigo, Hovhannes, Sarah, Noa, Agnese, Agita, Estefi, Flo, Sandra, Toni, Mikayel, Zara, Serbal, Kristina, Shhirin, Eni, Liene, David, Seb and Sole. From left to tight, squatting: Esther, Sorin, Masa, Isa, Álvaro, Catarina and Lydia. The countries represented were: Armenia, Albania, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, Moldova, Serbia and Spain.

We are happy to say that all the objectives of the project were met! We asked participants how far they thought that each objective was achieved and this is what they said (5 means «fully» and 1 means «not at all»):

– To help young people connect with the nature around them: 4’6
– To practice and encourage enjoyment of nature: 4’7
– To develop empathy for other creatures: 3’9
– To develop a sense of oneness with nature: 4’4
– To develop a sense of responsibility for the environment: 4’3

This time we didn’t get that much media attention as we are used to, because the local and regional elections were on, but still we made it to a couple of regional radios. Here are the links to the interviews:

Interview Cadena Ser

Interview Radio Principado de Asturias

One of the participants (Liene Kekere, from Latvia) created a couple of fantastic short videos which sum up her experience during the training course. You can enjoy them here:


Great job, Liene, thank you!

Here you can read some testimonies from the participants.

And here you can see the «collage» we made with the words that describe the training course, chosen by the participants.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who made this fantastic experience possible!!!

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